Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Enter your current National Identity Card Number. If you cannot proceed, enter your old National Identity Card Number and try it again.
Please send your Name, National Identity Card Number, Name and Address of the School from which you receive the salary, Personal Telephone Number and the issue you encountered to (Please indicate the name of district in which the school paying your salary is situated for the SUBJECT of the email) Or else, you can call 011 278 4434.
The list of 374 national schools eligible for making applications is given in the instructions sheet. Other schools are still considered as provincial schools.
You can enter or select the correct information by clicking on Edit button.
The name with initials should be entered in Sinhala or Tamil.
Yes. If you do not have a personal email address, please enter the school’s email address.
  1. Copy of the appointment letter certified by the Principal.
  2. Copy of the last transfer letter issued to you certified by the Principal.
  3. Copy of the Timetable certified by the Principal.
Note - If the transfer is expected from a National School to another National School, 01 (one) set of application containing the above documents;

If the transfer is expected from a National School to Provincial School, 04 (four) sets of application containing the above documents; should be handed over to the Principal.
No. However, 03 schools should essentially be named. In respect of the transfers of the teachers whose service period is more than 10 years in their present school and if less than 05 schools have been applied for, there is also a possibility to give a transfer to another school in the district of their residence as determined by the Transfer Board.
No. The printed copy of this application should be signed by the applicant and handed over personally to the Principal of the school from which you obtain the salary. Personally submitted or hand-delivered applications will not be accepted.
No revision can be made. As you can apply only once, please complete the application after deciding the schools you expect to apply.
If you received a pdf file with the name "Empty - Empty.pdf" please send an email to with your details and the problem to resolve.
There was an error generated while applying. Now it was recovered please submit the application form again.
Please contact the Teacher Establishment Branch of the relevant Zonal Education Office to update the last transfer. Then, you can apply for the transfer.
No, Don't enter the current school in the application under section 12, since it was entered in section 8 above.
please send an email to with your details and the problem. You will be received a time duration to submit the application form correctly in due cause.
No. Please send an email to the given email address according to the given instruction and keep the email message details with you.

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